Professional investment management for individuals and trustees


Discretionary Management


We believe that professional investment management is a combination of effective strategy and investment selection, delivered in a consistently reliable and efficient manner. Our discretionary management services are designed for investors who prefer to delegate full management of their portfolios. Discretionary management can provide you with valuable peace of mind, as it allows us to actively manage your investments and make necessary adjustments according to the prevailing market conditions. Because you will have given us your approval to act on your behalf, we can quickly and decisively make such adjustments to your portfolio as and when we deem it appropriate. Naturally, we would first undertake a thorough assessment of your circumstances and agree your objectives and any limitations that you wish to apply. As stated in our Client Charter, we will only ever act in your best interests.

Of course, all investment involves risk, but it should be measured and appropriate for your objectives and personal circumstances. Equally so, each underlying investment within the portfolio must be capable of delivering effective returns at a reasonable cost. Surprisingly, research has proven that most fund managers under-perform their benchmarks, despite charging considerably more than non-managed, index-tracking funds – according to CityWire, in the five years up to December 2010, only 31% of fund managers (in the ten largest sectors) outperformed their respective benchmarks.

Consistent returns, lower costs

In order to avoid this risk, our investment strategy focuses the core element of the portfolio on achieving exposure to markets in a highly accurate, yet low-cost manner, by using index-tracking funds. This allows the satellite element of the portfolio to make the most of tactical opportunities, using funds that have a high probability of outperformance or achieving specific goals. This combination enhances consistency of return, while reducing overall costs. In addition, our multi-asset class approach provides access to a wide range of investment areas, such as property, cash and alternative investments, as well as shares, thus avoiding over-exposure to potentially volatile asset classes. All decisions are made on the basis of comprehensive quantitative and qualitative research.

Unlike traditional stockbrokers and investment managers, we do not receive any commission from the product providers we use. This ensures our fee structure is transparent, allows us to use non-commission paying investments and avoids any potential conflicts of interest. It also means that clients do not end up cross-subsidising each other, which is a common situation where commissions are retained, and therefore allows us to draw from a wider range of investment options. It is a pleasant surprise for many clients that fees can reduce costs significantly, thus providing a better combination of objectivity and value for money than the traditional commission-based model, and in consequence enhancing the performance of your portfolio.

Our use of innovative platform technology gives you on-line access to up-to-date portfolio valuations and transaction information through our secure, password-protected website. In addition, we will keep you informed with regular market commentaries and comprehensive six-monthly valuation reports.

Incorporating the above features, we are able to offer a truly personalised level of service.

The value of investments, and income from them, can go down as well as up, and investors may not get back the original amount invested. Where overseas investments are held, the rate of currency exchange may cause their value to go down as well as up. Investments in emerging markets are by their nature higher risk and potentially more volatile than those in inherent, established markets.