Professional investment management for individuals and trustees



Portfolio Analysis and Support Services

Portfolio Analysis & Support for Trustees

From time to time, it can be helpful for trustees to seek independent analysis of their portfolio strategy and investment profile, in order to assess whether they are meeting their objectives and fulfilling their statutory responsibilities.

Our portfolio analysis service is designed to provide an objective and forensic assessment of a portfolio’s strategy and returns, by identifying to what extent these returns can be attributed to asset allocation or stock selection, and by assessing the degree of risk taken to achieve returns.  

Discretionary Management

Discretionary management for trustees

We believe that professional investment management is a combination of effective strategy and prudent investment selection, delivered in a consistently reliable and efficient manner. Our portfolio services are primarily offered on a discretionary basis, as most trustees prefer to delegate management, rather than agreeing each and every investment recommendation prior to implementation. However, we also offer an advisory service for trustees who prefer a more ‘hands-on’ approach, or where trustees require only strategic advice in respect of asset allocation or risk mitigation.