Professional investment management for individuals and trustees



Review Service

Portfolio review service for individuals

Where new clients have existing investments, we will first undertake an impartial examination of their portfolio, which helps us to identify how effective and appropriate the underlying strategy and investments are, and provides a meaningful comparison against any subsequent recommendations. This service is also of value to investors who manage their own portfolios, or who may be seeking an independent opinion on the effectiveness of their existing investment manager.

Advisory Service


Our advisory service is ideal for investors who prefer a more ‘hands-on’ approach. It offers the same investment strategy as our discretionary management service, diversifying asset classes through a core/satellite approach, and providing access to lower-charged investments. However, ultimate control over the portfolio remains with you – while we provide both initial and on-going recommendations, any changes are only made with your express authority. You will also have access to online valuations, and receive our regular newsletters and six-monthly valuations.

Discretionary Management


We believe that professional investment management is a combination of effective strategy and investment selection, delivered in a consistently reliable and efficient manner. Our discretionary management services are designed for investors who prefer to delegate full management of their portfolios. Discretionary management can provide you with valuable peace of mind, as it allows us to actively manage your investments and make necessary adjustments according to the prevailing market conditions.